Outrage as State House Deletes DP Ruto’s Most-Liked Photo at Madaraka Day Celebrations and Kenyans Can’t Keep Calm

DP Ruto at Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu

Kenyans have reacted with shock and anger after a photo of Deputy President William Ruto at the Madaraka Day Celebrations in Kisumu was pulled down from the State House official page.

The photo went viral and had garnered over 1,100 likes and over 200 comments by the time it was pulled down.

Alert Kenyans were keen to notice the move and reacted to State House after deleting DP William Ruto’s Madaraka Day photo from its Facebook page on Tuesday, June with hilarious comments.

Many alleged that the photo in question made DP Ruto steal the show from the man of the moment, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Others opined that the photo was deleted out of jealousy for the second in command who has a following across the nation.

A section believed that the photo was pulled down due to the writings on the shirt worn by DP Ruto that was clearly writer “The Hustler” to avoid using the platform to drive an agenda that has been pointed out as a divisive one, tearing the nation apart with two camps emerging of the haves and the have nots.

DP Ruto's photo
Outrage as State House Deletes DP Ruto’s Most-Liked Photo of DP Ruto at Madaraka Day Celebrations

DP Ruto’s supporters definitely had a field day as they used the opportunity to declare their support for the second in command, reiterating that they will vote him in.

Charles Arebaloa Mugendi:They will delete photos but in our hearts he forever belongs there.

Lash Lash: Kamati ya roho chafu

Jellie Vess: Let them do wherever they wanna do but 2022 they will remain dumb and confused kama lost sheep

Mc Michael Omoto Vilagomez: If likes and comments could make someone president then Ruto could be the one

Gachie George: State house at times wana ufala kibao.. What kind of nonsense is that?

Does deleting change anything? Bure kabisa 😠

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