Uhuru’s Madaraka Day Statement that Angered DP Ruto’s Camp, Sparking Protests Led by Moses Kuria and Mohammed Ali

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Moses Kuria, Mohammed Ali Jicho Pevu lead DP Ruto camp in protesting Uhuru’s fiery speech delivered in Kisumu.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s fiery speech during yesterday’s Madaraka Day celebrations has attracted a backlash from DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga brigade.

One particular statement appears to have angered the DP Ruto camp that came out protesting almost immediately.

“From nullification of a presidential election in 2017 to an attempt to stop the will of the people as expressed through BBI, the Judiciary has tested our constitutional limits, but not broken them.

“We must follow the Rule of Law and obey the decisions of the courts but the sovereign and supreme voice of the People of Kenya must also be followed. And that is why our National Conversation today must focus on the Burden of Choice.

“Citizens are required to exercise their will and shoulder the burden of their choices, and so should our independent institutions. The field of independence has been expanded in the Judiciary, and so the field of their responsibility should respond to the summons of nationhood. Their decisions should also be accompanied by a burden of choice. This is what the national conversation should ponder”. Said Uhuru.

Led by Gatundu South lawmaker Moses Kuria and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali, the lawmakers bashed the president for the speech in which he rebuked the judiciary.

Kuria held that even former President Moi had some kindness for the judiciary and faulted Uhuru for launching the attack on Madaraka day.

“Even Moi was never this unkind and intimidating to the Judiciary. And on no other day than Madaraka Day” Kuria stated.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

He added that it amounts to inflicting pain on the nation and urged Kenyans to be alert and defend the gains made.

“Nooo. You are that one person who is gaining by inflicting pain on the Nation. Shocking! Frightening!.Stay Woke Kenyans !” Kuria wrote.

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali also joined in and did not mince his words in asserting that lecturing judges is a threat to the judiciary.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is totally out of order LECTURING JUDGES in a public forum. Threatening Judicial independence on BBI JUDGMENT is not the solution to our problems neither is it a tenet of liberty and freedom. The constitution must be respected.” Wrote Jicho Pevu.

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