Moses Kuria Shares Embarrassing Video of Uhuru Contradicting Himself, Warns Orengo

File image of Moses Kuria at a past interview on Citizen TV

Gatundu Soth MP Moses Kuria has this morning caused a storm on social media after sharing a video of president Uhuru Kenyatta contradicting himself and warned Siaya Senator James Orengo.

Taking to social media, Kuria shared a video name “Master of Double Speak” in which the head of state contradicts himself.

In the first section captured during his recent Kisumu tour, the president is seen expressing confidence James Orengo that given his prowess in the field of law, the BBI appeal case would be won.

“Yale ambayo yako mbele yetu tutatatua mimi najua. Tukiwa na mawakili kama Orengo tunaweza kushindwa kweli?” Uhuru is heard stating.

In the second section of the video apparently taken during the 56th Madaraka day celebrations in Nyayo stadium, the same President is seen bashing lawyers who also double up as MPs and senators.

“One cannot serve as a legislator at the national or county level and at the same time practice law.” States the head of state.

He states that we cannot have people who make the same law that is used to determine cases representing clients in court at a time when they can determine the laws that are used to argue out the cases.

The president also expresses his opposition to having lawmakers who can determine the career trajectory of judges and magistrates representing clients in court.

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