Angry DP Ruto Takes Drastic Actions Against Journalist Who Embarrassed Him With Tough Lecture on Twitter

DP Ruto

An angry Deputy President William Ruto today stunned Kenyans after he resorted to drastic actions following a dramatic clash with blogger Abuga Makori on Twitter.

 It all began after the popular blogger took to Twitter to educate DP Ruto and his loyal disciple, Dennis Itumbi the self-declared spokesman of the hustler nation.

Makori summed up his lesson by boldly claiming that the second in command who masquarades as a reformist is a perfect example of a dictator.

“I have seen Itumbi call President Uhuru Kenyatta a dictator. A dictator is someone who doesn’t condone divergent views or opinions and someone who wants to carry the day all the time, someone who hates criticism and basically, Dp Ruto belongs to this special class.” Wrote the blogger.

Angry DP Ruto Takes Drastic Actions Against Blogger Who Embarrassed Him With Tough Lecture on Twitter

This comment appears to have angered DP Ruto who apparently found it too handle. He responded swiftly by blocking Abuga Makori, an action that appears to have just confirmed what the blogger had written.

Many opined that indeed Ruto is a dictator who prefers to hear only what pleases him and not criticism that could make him grow hence he opted to block the blogger for telling him what he does not wish to hear.

Other netizens opined that it was within his democratic rights to do so and saw no problem with his actions.

Abuga has been leading calls for DP Ruto to retire alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta, reminding Kenyans that Ruto is part of the mess and deserves to go home as he cannot solve the economic mess and chaos that he has created.

“Only a fool can say that President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed but exclude Deputy President William Ruto who was literally in charge for 8 years.” He wrote on Twitter earlier.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta was misled by Deputy President William Ruto for eight years. They plunged the country into economic crisis.” Reads yet another tweet.

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