Stop the Wastage! MPs on a Spending Spree, Racing Against Time to Exhaust Billions in Hefty Perks

Stop the Wastage! MPs on a Spending Spree, Racing against Time to Exhaust Billions in Hefty Perks

Members of Parliament are on a spending spree racing against time to exhaust hefty funds that they had been allocated in the form of travelling allowances ahead of the 2021/22 budget read set for Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Reports indicate that the lawmakers are keen on ensuring that the travel kitty is exhausted, ensuring no money is returned to the National Treasury as required by the law, in case money is leftover from the current financial year running into the next fiscal year.

The budget proposal tabled before parliament in April indicates that the National Treasury set aside Ksh1.2 billion for the fiscal year 2021/22 meant for domestic and foreign travel.

However, Covid-19 pandemic affected their plans as travel restrictions were imposed to contain the pandemic.

This hefty amount excludes the speakers foreign and domestic trips budgets which stand at Ksh212 million and Ksh160 million respectively.

People Daily exposed the spending spree that borders on outright wastage on 04 June 2021, revealing that over 120 legislators have travelled to Dubai for benchmarking over the last two weeks alone.

The Kenyan Parliament

“There is a crisis here in parliament; Almost all members of parliament have travelled outside the country. Imagine in the last two weeks alone, 120 MPs and staff have gone to Dubai. If you want to confirm, some of the photos are on social media,” an MP who sought anonymity revealed.

Earlier this year, some 16 lawmakers made a five-day trip to Dubai to take a financial training course whose value and benefit is yet to be seen.

The publication reported that MPs get a Ksh143,000 daily allowance while on foreign trips.

And today, June 4, 2021, three groups of MPs and staff are expected to travel to Addis Ababa, Arusha and Kampala for benchmarking.

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) is set to foot the bill for Covid-19 testing for each of the MPs at a cost of Ksh8,000 each. Their tickets and accommodation will also be paid for by the kitty.

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