New Details Emerge as Missing Strathmore University Student Shares 15-Day Ordeal with Kenyans Weighing In

Maureen Mung'ohe Musungu

Details have emerged on the ordeal of Maureen Musungu, a 23-year-old student at Strathmore University who went missing for 15 days only to resurface yesterday after her family widely publicized her disappearance and appealed for help.

Musungu told her falily that she had been locked up in a male friend’s house in Athi River and denied access to her phone even as a search for her gathered momentum.

She added that the man in question only gave her basic meals for the entire duration before finally releasing her on 04 June 2021.

Musungu was declared missing on May 21 after she left her parent’s home in Karen to meet up with a friend. 

A frantic search was thereafter launched for her before the man who had allegedly locked her up eventually granted her freedom after 15 days in captivity.

The motive remains unknown even as Kenyans weighed in on the matter with some refusing to buy her explanation.

Many failed to understand how she found herself in the house in the first place and why the same friends she had gone to meet on the day of her disappearence could not state where they last left her.

Lonz Musyoks Musyoka wondered: “Wait a minute, some guy just mysteriously locks her up in a house and vamoose? Gimme a break neigha!”

Gakuta James: Ah! Mmmh! Ok!

Moscos Omollo: Doesn’t this become a kidnapping case? – Surely the boyfriend is known to Maureen

Maureen Mung'ohe Musungu
Maureen Mung’ohe Musungu

Detectives have launched a manhunt for the man who resides in Athi River.

In an update to a local news outlet, the family confirmed that she was taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital before lunch. 

Morgan, Maureen’s brother, indicated that she was home at 11:00 a.m. He also reports that the family is at ease now that she is at home. 

Maureen went missing after a planned meeting with her friends. In the evening, the students phone went off after she told her mom she was in Utawala. 

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