New Development in the Strathmore University Student Who Resurfaced Yesterday after Missing for Weeks

Maureen Mung'ohe Musungu

Fresh detail has emerged of the Strathmore University student Maureen Mung’ohe Musungu, who went missing weeks ago after the family established her whereabouts for the past two weeks.

This is after the family found out that she was locked up in Athi River apartment of a male friend, with further claims that the young girl had been denied access to phone calls after being locked up in the house.

The family announced yesterday Friday June 4th 2021, that the university student was found after going missing for two weeks from May 21, 2021.

Reports from her family indicate that she was found safely and thereafter underwent medical checkups to ascertain her state physically and mentally.

Maureen, the 23-year-old Strathmore University student left their Nairobi’s Karen home to meet up with friends at Nairobi City Centre, when she thereafter went missing.

Maureen Mung'ohe Musungu
Maureen Mung’ohe Musungu

Further information from the mother, Morgan Ambani disclosed that Maureen left their house at around 10:30 am and was supposed to meet her friends in the heart of the town, where they would proceed to their hangout location.

Daily Nation quoted Ambani saying “She did not give clear information on who the friends were. However, in the evening I was concerned that it was starting to get late and she wasn’t home, so I called her and she said she was in Utawala. Her phone went off at 8:30 pm before she could pin the exact location.”

The alarmed mother wanted to go pick her daughter up but could not reach her as her phone was off.

Ambani reported Maureen’s disappearance at the Karen Police Station but was advised to return after 48 hours.

She filed a missing person’s report but police were yet to establish her whereabouts. “It is true that the matter was reported here and we are on it. Her phone is still switched off,” Karen Police boss Purity Kobia stated.

According to the missing person’s report, the third-year Business and Information Technology student was last seen in a green pair of jeans and a black jacket.

“She was to resume her classes this week after a long academic break, which was due to financial difficulties,” her brother intimated.

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