Prof Herman Manyora Reveals Raila’s Running Mate From DP Ruto’s Camp and Series of Events that will Make Him Switch Sides (Video)

Renown political analyst, Professor Herman Manyora has revealed that Raila will raid DP Ruto’s camp for his running mate, sharing a series of events that make yet another undisputed kingpin of the Mount Kenya region who will then team up with Raila Odinga to sweep to the presidency.

He opined that accident create leaders and an accident will create Rail Odinga’s running mate.

Manyora held that the same hustler nation that DP Ruto crafted for his own political survival will be his downfall.

“Yet the same hustler created by William Samoei Ruto is accidentally going to create Raila’s Deputy. The man is Moses Kuria.

“Moses Kuria is the accident in the hustler nation. The Hustler nation especially around the mountain resonate with Moses Kuria. Indeed, he is the king of the hustler nation. Moses Kuria cannot be compared to any of these leaders across the Mount Kenya region. The rest are county kings.” Manyora slammed.

He dismissed all the rest as domestic kings whose influence do not go beyond their respective counties.

“I will not be surprised if with this realization of his powers, he takes that nation and moves to Raila Odinga.

“Moses Kuria is the man. He is a popular figure across the country as was the case in Kitui and Kisumu where he brought things to a standstill” He added.

Manyora opined that Moses Kuria would lead the hustler nation to Raila Odinga, leaving DP Ruto with just a handful of votes that cannot see him win, effectively handing Raila Odinga victory.

Be prepared for a major shakeup within the hustler nation where Moses Kuria leads almost the entire nation to Raila Odinga.

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