Shock and Anger as Moses Kuria brags openly on his role in rigging elections, reveals the tactics they used

File image of Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria today caused a storm on social media after unknowingly sharing tactics and admitting to rigging in elections.

I t all began when the fiery lawmaker took to social media in agreement with a piece written by Makueni Governor Professor Kivuth Kibwana in which the county boss called for the electoral justice agenda to be revisited.

“We must return to the electoral justice agenda. The just-concluded by-elections are a clear sign that there’re are policians who are planning Uganda style elections theft. We must not court civil strife. Let the ghost of BBI be allowed to rest. #GiveUsBackOurCountry.” Wrote Kibwana before Moses Kuria jumped in.

“Yes Prof. In Juja they tried to steal in the most brainless manner. Even when we were doing those things together some of us had introduced some dose of intelligence in the rigging” Kuria slammed.

Kenyans jumped in to the conversation based on Kuria’s own admission of participating in rigging of elections as captured in the comments below.

Moses Kuria’s post on social media admitting role in rigging

Eddy Koech Bunei: Are you admitting in the same paragraph you ever rigged an election? Don’t crucify the courts then, whenever they make their independent judgement!!

John Mumoh Baraza-Ilumaita Ya Lower Yatta: “……when you were doing those things (rigging) together some of us had introduced some dose of intelligence….” Fellow Kenyans, this clearly cleanses Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga .It simply means they have a good agenda.Uhuru regrets how kenyans have been denied their sovereignty right and now he wants it respected. This statement as well betrays William Samoei Ruto the Deputy President of the republic of Kenya as he associates himself with rigging Kenyans their electoral and sovereignty right…..Nimeamua, sasa Sitangatangi tena, Wacha KIELEWEKE. To hell with political conmen posing as national saviours.

Kirira Wa Ruguru: Scared of your own shadow Mose??you must be knowing what you did in darkness,the election will be free and fair so kindly start preparing on how mtaenda Kortini the reason behind it hamtakuwa ata opposition,,,May the spirit of Musando deal with anyone who was behind His death before 2022,watu wasafiri kusafiri,,,whoever voted for this man surely aii.

Solomon Surtan: And these are the kind of mannerless politicians that some people regard as heroes.

Rigging an election and openly bragging about it?? Bure kabisa!

Vincent Achoka: We still need to know who killed Musando and why?we also want you to tell us what were you doing with Musando’s car?

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