Terryanne Chebet reveals meaning behind her 3rd tattoo and the harrowing experience behind it

Terryanne Chebet

Award-winning Media Personality Terryanne Chebet has opened up on what pushed her to get her third tatoo and the reason behind the tattoo that features prominently on her wrist.

The acclaimed journalist divulged that she got the tattoo which is an arrow with a lotus flower after losing her job

In a post seen by Kenya Leo, Terryanne share that she got the tattoo in November 2016 shortly after losing her job that had propelled her to national fame.

Inked this in Nov 2016. My 3rd one. Marked new beginnings after I lost my job. An Arrow with a lotus flower that got edited out because I was actually showing you my nails which I love 💘… ( it’s on my IG stories though) Would you ink if you haven’t? What would it be? Would it have a meaning?,” captioned Terryanne.

Lotus flower symbolizes rebith and is often used to depict new beginnings driven by faith within the self.

Terryanne Chebet reveals meaning behind her 3rd tattoo and the harrowing experience behind it

The tattoo was engraved in 2016 when Terryanne had just lost her job at Citizen TV, an experience she described it as one of the lowest and most difficult moments in her Journalism career.

She would bounce back in 2019, joining Metropol TV as General Manager cum presenter but resigned after 1 year and 3 months.

She would update her fans that she had decided to hang up her boots so as to focus on growing her personal business.

The experience of losing a job at Citizen shook her to the core and came as a surprise at a time when she was a household name and not underperforming in the job as she would recount to NTV’s Grace Msalame.

“It was many things. It was very hard in the beginning, just hearing the news crashed me and it crashed from a very personal point, because it is one thing when you lose your job but its another thing when you lose your job so publicly and such a public job. When you have such a strong believe in yourself, I do my work well. So even when there was an announcement that they will be redundancy, I never imagined it could be me. So when it happened I did not know what to do. I called my friend and I was crying, then I went home, locked myself in a room. And the hardest person to tell was the house-help, because you are just at home, locking yourself in your room. That was so hard because I had lived with her for more than 10 years and she had never seen me cry”. She recounted.

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