Blogger Robert Alai Treated Abnormally After Launching His Bid for Nyando MP

Controversial blogger Robert Alai was treated abnormally on social media after he launched his bid for Nyando MP, seeking to capture the seat in 2022.

The blogger launched an online platform on slack to engage with his fans and going by the responses, he may need to think twice.

‘Historical injustices’ were revisited as netizens reminded him that he may need to cleanse his name and that of the family as some alleged that his father who served as a chief exploited people.

Alai was also reminded that a man who stands for nothing falls for nothing as a section of netizens equated his bid to hunger for power, questioning why Alai who had declared interest in the Embakasi East seat held by Babu Owino has now shifted to Nyando.

Other alleged that he is an extortionist whose stock in trade is character assassination, slander and blackmail.

Blogger Robert Alai

Some encouraged him to soldier on despite the criticism that came in thick and fast as sampled below.

Dennis Kipkemoi: Join UDA party, if you want to be nyando m.p

Godfrey KE Joab: Robert Alai I am once again reminding you that you’ll only become an Mp For NYANDO RIVER.

Some challenged his choice of platform to engage with voters noting that slack is neither popular nor accessible to ordinary voters.

Andrew Kilui: How will the mama mbogas of Nyando access this platform?

Joshua Kipchumba Songok: Unafikiria a villager in nyando knows that ,enda kwa ground.

Abdilatiff Daud: Kitur Cheptembur Junior you know where you vote not here in facebook

Kib Kama: wewe kuja nairobi wacha kutorokea ushagoo tukunyoloshe once en for all.

Ono Brakpeya: Robert Alai don’t be discouraged you can only win by trying wuod nyando

David Bett: Nyando people should eat the blogging money and teach u a lesson that blogging and politics are two different things.

Tony Macharia: Someone said your father who was a chief exploited people to the fullest. You need to work on that image

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