Former Woman Representative Launches Gospel Music Career after Reuniting with Husband

Gospel Musician Jewel

Former Taita Taveta Women Representative Joyce Wanjala Lay found a new passion, launching her career in music.

Lay who lost the Taita Taveta Woman Representative race in 2017 announced that she is taking a break from politics to serve God in her singing ministry.

The 47-year old has settled on the artistic name, Jewel, with an album on the way.

She has taken a keen interest in the LGBTQIA community, that continues to face challenges and the theme could feature in her songs.

”I heard that voice telling me that God wanted me to share the love of Christ with the LGBTIQ community.

”The message was very clear, that they’ve been discriminated and most of them are being persecuted. Most of them are being judged and condemned.” She said in an interview with Nation.

The calling to gospel comes after she reunited with her husband William Lay – a Kenyan-based American businessman who previously served as CEO at CMC Motors avoiding a divorce that had already landed in court.

The American petitioned for divorce in 2015 citing irreconcilable differences but the couple decided to give it another try and have been living happily ever after.

Joyce and Bill Lay

“At that time, we could not agree on most things. There was so much going on. We were on different paths. Her being in public life, the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) we had to go through to have our baby and so many things were happening that I felt we needed a break,” said Bill.  

Speaking in an interview with the press after their reunion, Joyce stated divorce felt like the best option away from the toxicity when their love was going sour.

“We thought that going separate ways was going to bring us happiness.

“I had to pray about it and my heart found peace. I also spoke to my few confidants and prayer partners who encouraged me to go with an open mind. We had not slept under the same roof for four years, so it was not something that I would just jump into,” Joyce said.

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