The Best Free Online Courses With Certification To Take in Kenya

File image of graduands at a past graduation ceremony in Kenya
The rapidly-evolving job market requires candidates to keep abreast with skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers.
The digital era has opened up new possibilities to many with a number of professional development courses available for those who wish to advance their careers.

If you want to gain important skills and stand out in recruitments as well as in your job, the below options are available

Google Digital Skills for Africa
This platform offers over 152 courses, giving the learner a wide pool to choose from.

The courses are categorized into three namely:digital marketing, career development, data and tech.

Registration as well as the courses are offered free of charge on the website:

A certificate is awarded upon completion with the duration for the courses varies depending on the course selected.


Fuzu is a job-hunting and recruitment site that also offers professional development courses on its online learning platform.

Courses offered on the platform include hospitality, HR, Radiotherapy, Marketing, Public Relations, Psychology among many others.

The platform also offers learners an opportunity to refine social skills that are key in progressing in employment.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals that connects professionals and grows careers.

Once one sets up their account free of charge, they get the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the same field.

Depending on the field you are in, LinkedIn suggests courses that are in line with your career.

On the LinkedIn profile, is a section dubbed LinkedIn Learning where a number of courses are available.

Any course completed and the skills acquired are reflected on your profile and remain visible to employers and recruiters..


Coursera makes the dream of pursuing world-class education at credible institutions a reality right at the comfort of your home or office.

Coursera has partnered World-Class universities all over the world such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia amongst others to courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, IT, Arts and Humanities, Business and Health among others.

To enrol for a course, visit

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