Miguna Miguna Goes After Orengo in Embarrassing Midnight Tackle

Miguna Miguna Goes After Orengo in Embarrassing Midnight Tackle

Fiery opposition activist Miguna Miguna yesternight tackled Siaya Senator James Orengo in an embarrassing midnight tweet.

Miguna fauklted the revered lawyer for allowing himself to be dragged into the BBI appeal case.

He opined it is ironical that Orengo who is a Senator and who should be focusing on impeaching the President for violating the constitution is at the forefront appealing the ruling rather that proceeding with the impeachment route.

In what he termed as “Law 101”, the fiery lawyer slammed Orengo for hiding behind the coat of Raila Odinga to appeal an illegality that has been determined so by a competent court of law.

“LAW 101 When a court of competent jurisdictions rules that an illegitimate president like despot Uhuru Kenyatta has committed an impeachable offence and/or violated the Constitution, legislators like @orengo_james whose jobs are to impeach him cannot represent him in court.” Fired Miguna.

“Hypocritical legislators like Orengo & Company cannot hide under Conman Raila Odinga: both Raila and Kenyatta are one and the same in the #BBIFraud debacle.” He added.

 Orengo is among a team of seasoned legal brains assembled by the pro-BBI team to battle it out in court.

Recently, he was praised by President Uhuru Kenyatta who expressed confidence that with Orengo on their side, the appeal will succeed.

“We have just experienced a minor setback in courts but I am sure that with the brilliant legal minds we have like Orengo, we will definitely emerge victorious at the Court of Appeal so that we achieve our goal to bring Kenyans together,” said President Kenyatta.

“What is before us will be sorted out. If we have lawyers like James Orengo, can we be defeated really? he posed.

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