Family of Main Suspect in Kitengela Girl’s Murder Shares Shocking Details of Her Troubled Past

The late Shantel Nzembi

Days after her arrest by detectives fom the DCI relatis have revealed deep details of the chief suspect in Shantel Nzembi’s murder’s troubled past while growing in up in Ndelekeni village, Machakos County.

According to her aunt Kingele, the suspect Mutindi Nthuku had been accused of multiple assaults on his biological father Stephen Kimatu Nthuku.

Aunt Kingele’s narration notes that all the attacks began after the father Stephen Kimatu Nthuku had reportedly had a fight with Mutindi’s mother Stelmaris Nduku.

Kingele also noted that Kimatu thereafter abandoned both Mutindi and her Mother Stelmaris and relocated to Mombasa.

The father would later meet his untimely death way back in August 2004 in the hands of to date, unknown assailants after his body was recovered in Yatta forest.

Mutindi Nthuku

Further reports from the police also captured Mutindi’s grandiose lifestyle despite not having any known source of decent income.

Mutindi, going by the name Mama Mercy or Martha according to her neighbours, was reportedly rarely seen outside during the day, but continued living large.

“Even after she shut down her Mobile money business, she still lived large. She was fashionable and her daughter went to a private school,” a neighbour informed the media.

This comes amid calls from Kajiado residents Magistrate Edwin Mulochi for the suspect to be locked up for a further one week to allow the police conclude the investigations.

 The other three currently in police custody include Livingstone Makacha Otengo, Frankline Mbuthia and Agnes Kasiva Nzioki.
Further reports from the police confirm that they are still in pursuit of another woman who is believed to have been an accomplice to Nthuku.
“The motive of the kidnapping could have been monetary. We have a tight case against the suspects,” Ndubai stated.

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