Family Speaks Amid Rumours that DJ Evolve Who Survived Shooting Incident Involving Babu Owino is Dead

A collage image of DJ Evolve and Babu Owino

The family of Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve who was shot fatally at B Club in a case that roped in Embakasi MP Babu Owino has cleared the air amidst reports that he is dead.

The family dismissed the reports, stating that the DJ is recuperating and not dead as alleged.

His brother,Andrew Orinda who was speaking exclusivelyto  K24 Digital said that DJ Evolve was doing well and even having lunch together with the family at their home in Fedha Estate.

“God forbid! Those are very dangerous rumours and I can assure you that he is okay and even having lunch,” he said.

On Tuesday morning social media was awash with rumors that the DJ had died due to an injury he sustained in January 2019- after he was allegedly shot at by Embakassi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino.

A collage image of DJ Evolve and Babu Owino
A collage image of DJ Evolve and Babu Owino

Even with the case in court, the MP has continued to support the family in meeting the medical expenses.

Babu Owino has since forgiven himself over what transpired at B Club on 17 January 2020 when the spin master was shot, sharing the same in an interview with Capital FM.

“It is a matter that is between me and God and I chose to forgive myself, we cannot change the past but we can change the future, let us focus on what is coming in the foreseeable future.

“Let us not dwell so much in our past cause we can’t change it, no matter how we would want to,” Babu stated as captured in the video below.

On his part, DJ Evlove disclosed in an interview that he has left it to God

“Generally, I am doing better as opposed to when it first happened. I was really traumatised at the beginning but I learnt to live with it. At least nowadays I can be able to sleep unlike before where I couldn’t sleep at all. I kept having flashbacks of that fateful day and I needed medication to put me to sleep. 

“I’m slightly able to move my limbs (hands) and that is the much I can do. I can’t be able to move my arms. I haven’t progressed as these were my tools of the trade. There’s no way I can be able to work when I don’t have them. I currently depend on people to do things with me,” narrated the spin master in the interview with NTV aired in June last year.

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