Police Boss pens letter to Bosses in Emotional transfer

Following his transfer from his then current duty station to Murang’a Gilgil OCS A lbert Kipchumba has penned down amn emotional letter to his bosses, politicians, residents, KDF and colleagues.

In his emotional letter the OCS thanked his seniors at work, and every other personal who has played a pivotal role in his development since his earlier days from Mandera to Astu in Gilgil.

Reports from the chief inspector indicates that the police boss had been transferred to Saba Saba in Murang’a County today.

“Yes, I was transferred from Gilgil to Saba Saba in Murang’a County. When I was in Mandera, the whole town was at a standstill and did not want me to be transferred, but I asked them to allow me to leave in peace.

“I am going to Murang’a to work on clearing out illicit alcohol and rehabilitating residents among other duties. And in fact, the Lord has blessed me above it all for the good I do. I have a 4th-year student doing veterinary at the University of Nairobi. Another is a civil engineer at JKUAT and another got 403 marks in 2020 KCPE and will join either Kapsabet, Mangu or Kabarak boys schools,” Kipchumba stated.

An excerpt of his letter reads:

This is just but a great act of love. Thanks a million, Gilgil people and my great fans! Thanks to my precious colleagues from Gilgil Police Station; my team players, with whom without them, I would not have made it. I also pass my gratitude to the Chairman of Boda Boda and your team. Every night, whenever we hear of a crime underway in any location, you rush and accompany us to the rescue.

You listened to me and maintained law and order. My bosses, led by our Deputy County Commissioner, it was great joy unspeakable working with you to ensure government policies and directives are adhered to. Senior Chief Kihenjo and your amazing team from Eburu, Karunga, Gitare, Langaa, Kikopey, you’re just an amazing family. We left Bondeni, Ngomongo, and Kambii a better place.

Our current MP, your absolutely great team and other political leaders, it was superb and great working with you all. All churches, schools, National Youth Service (NYS) and KDF – our security partners – it has been an excellent co-existence. I have learnt a lot from them.

Our daily interactions have been of laughter, comradeship and mutual friendship. My colleagues at ASTU have been such a blessing in our vision and mission in making Gilgil safe.

I will miss you all. You made me remain in good and perfect shape. To the residents of the larger Gilgil area, thanks a lot. I’ll never forget my three years in Gilgil. Once again, thanks a lot.

A beneficiary of his excemplary works Mr. Paul Gachunga recalls how he once attended Kipchumba’s sessions while an OCS for Kapsoya, Eldoret and ended up qutitting the bottle to date since October 2019.

“At first, I only attended his meetings accompanied by fellow drunks to cause havoc. He sought to know me and after digging into my background and learning that I had been a councillor, he swore to bring me back to shape.

“It’s been three years now since I last tasted alcohol. It has been a complete turnaround for me and my wife of 40 years. I am no longer the useless man I was three years ago and it is normal to find me in security meetings, warning young people of the dangers of alcohol addiction. I owe my new life to Kipchumba,” Gachunga stated.

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