“Watajuaje kama nimemaliza” Diamond Platnumz’s sister after being dumped by husband for first wife

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Queen Darleen is currently facing tough times after her husband Isihaka allegedly moved back in with his first wife, Sabra.

Reports indicate that the two lovebirds fell out after his first wife got pregnant and delivered an adorable baby girl who takes after her father Isihaka.

Just like other men would have a paternity leave – Isihaka reportedly moved in with his first wife, to help around in taking care of the baby – now that his second wife’s (Queen Darleen) baby is months older.

The two wives do not see eye to eye, yet they all need their husband at the same time, prompting him to make a choice on which of the two homes to camp in.

Queen Darleen jealously
Reports however indicate that Queen Darleen can not stand the fact that the love of her life is now choosing the first wife over her; I mean how?

Even after he made it known that she (Queen) was his life now… and the queen is currently wonders how he could just go back on his word in in such an embarrassment to the queen.

Well being a wife and just like other women, the queen has reportedly been causing trouble in her own marriage with breakup posts. So far she claims to be husbandless not forgetting to say that her husband is dead.

The drama queen wrote the below through her gram where she said;

Watajuaje kama nimaliza #EDAA 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 (How will they know I’m done crying for my late husband)

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