Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Ready to Represent Man who Slapped French President Emmanuel Macron and Kenyans Cant Keep Calm

Cliff Ombeta

Celebrated Kenyan lawyer Cliff Ombeta has stated that he is willing to fly out to France to go and represent a civilian who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron.

The clip went viral after the man gave Macron a thorough slap during a public walkabout.

It all began with Comedian Churchill sharing the viral clip stating that Kenya’s finest lawyer, Cliff Ombeta is needed in France.

While responding to the viral clip shared by comedian Churchill of the man in a green T-Shirt slapping Macron in the face when he approached him for a greeting, Ombeta said he was looking for a visa to France to represent him in court.

“Cliff Ombeta urgently needed in France…someone has adjusted the president’s mask..!!” Churchill joked.

The lawyer responded stating that all he is waiting for is a Visa to fly out writing:

“Ni visa ndio najaribu kupata bro” meaning ” All I am trying to get is a Visa brother”.

Netizens joined in the frenzy with hilarious remarks on how Ombeta would argue the in favour of the civilian.

Ombeta’s remarks tickled netizens on Twitter as they shared their thoughts on how the High Court advocate would say in the man’s defence.

@jesang: “The president’s face accidentally came in contact with a civilian’s hand.”

“Cliff’s opening statement: The president put his face on the client’s hand while he was doing his normal routine workout.”

@joemulwa11: “Seems you’re a mentor even beyond borders.”

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