Moses Kuria Hiring 500 Youth For This Job

Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has announced massive employment opportunities in his latest initiative to win over voters in Kiambaa.

In a post seen by Kenya Leo, Kuria divulged that in collaboration with friends, they have launched an initiative to fix roads in Gachie, with the initiative offering employment to 500 young men and women.

“The poster reads in part that “My friends and I are forming friends of Gachie road. Today we will be hiring 500 young men and women who will repair this pathetic road manually for 5 days.

“All we need is a donation of stones, murram, mchongo etc. Even 1 truck will help a lot.”

Many were quick to read in between the lies and point out that the initiative is not genuine to help the residents but a strategy to lure them into voting for UDA candidate in the upcoming by-elections.

Moses Kuria Hiring 500 Youth For This Job

Some opined that it was a strategy to offer handouts to voters disguised as payment for work while at the same time painting the government as well as the former MP as failures.

Others challenges him to take the same help to his constituency, noting that it didn’t have to take a by-election to have the road fixed.

Hongos Otieno: Confusing the electorate, then you disappear thereafter… You have been to Gachie so many times but have never thought of mobilising for funding from the relevant authorities to work on this road…. Cheap handouts can’t build any economy… Gachie-Karura road needs a serious contractor not the kind of jokes you want to put into it

Lawrey Ogola: And blame it’s state on Kariri Njama who hasn’t had a chance to work. Tangatangas are ever on PR excercise. If it’s not for Votes then go and repair a road in Kabete whose MP is alive.

Njawo Njawo: Moses Kuria what you are not posting is your brother was working in Kiambu County Gov’t, he was responsible of Kiambaa roads where he looted everything. He lied to Waititu about power area & sunk with 26M.

Sos Kuria: I wish you people can come and do this at our area in Kiharu constituency as the road is completely impassable even on a normal day.

Kanicy Gaciru: Umemaliza kufix za gatundu sasa ukuje kiambaa 😁

😁😁😁 kujeni mfix bt mkae mkijua hiyo mikahawa tutafunga date 15 kariri njama tosha.

Elijah Muhia: GATUNDU umerepair ngapi…..your performance on our roads and our primary schools rehabilitation is pathetic…..borrow a leaf from Ndindi Nyoro.

Nyaguthii Njuguna:: What a marketing strategy such PRs normally happens when the elections are around the corner. Anyway all the best.

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