KCSE 2020: KUCCPS Reveals Least Popular, and Unwanted Courses After Placement

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Services(KUCCPS) has finally finished the allotment process of students who sat their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination last year.

Following the succesful process, reports show that, Medicine, dental science, engineering(civil and electronic), architecture, pharmacy, and actuarial science were the most popular and sought after courses.

The least wished for courses include, Bachelor of Education (music), Bachelor of Arts (Music), Anthropology, Ethnobotany, and Physical Education forming the bottom of students list.

Further reports from the KUCCPS indicate that, a total of 67,790 students got chances to pursue degree courses across the 31 public universities with a further 11,523 set to join middle-level colleges for diploma courses.

Students who scored good grades but slotted very competitive courses on the first three choices ended up missing on all of them.

It also captured that very few students picked on the lucrative artisan and technical courses that are currently very well paying.

An interview with reputable lawyer cum saxophonist Frank Kawere established that the music pays well, depending on your expertise and reputation.

“I have been paid to perform in weddings and corporate events. I charge a minimum of Ksh5,000 per session. However, a more established musician would charge Ksh100,000 onwards,” he intimated.

With the recent introduction of the Competency Based Curriculum , schools are currently shifting from the norm, and are now offering music, languages, and art and crafts as subjects

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