Social Media Erupts as DP Ruto issues another angry statement on Tuesday Afternoon reacting to news that Uhuru will support NASA Principal in 2022

DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto Hs been on the rampage for a better part of the day in response to a story covered by The Star newspaper in which the head of state vowed to support one of the NASA principals as his heir.

In a series of posts on social media, the second in command left no doubt that he was disgusted wit the decision, going after Uhuru head on with scathing remarks.

Taking to social media on Tuesday in the afternoon, Ruto questioned whether the wrangles witnessed in Jubilee were a deliberate scheme to weaken the party before declaring support to candidates from other rivals.

”So, was the destruction/dismembering of Jubilee, a national party, meant to pave way for support of regional/tribal parties in Nasa? Now, with the collapse of Jubilee, isn’t it fair for those who can’t fit in ethnic parties to build UDA as an alternative national party? Ama?” Ruto wrote.

Social Media Erupts as DP Ruto issues another angry statement on Tuesday Afternoon reacting to news that Uhuru will support NASA Principal in 2022

It all began in the morning when a bitter DP Ruto took to social media responding to a headline by the star.

“ EUCHO!!NGAI FAFA MWATHANI!! So, what happens to the Thurakus, the kumìrà kùmèrà contingent, the 8 million of us?? None, no youth, no woman, no man of the 8M who woke up early and voted 3 times for UK/WsR ticket merit support? Sawa tu! Tutajipanga na support ya MUNGU.” Ruto wrote on social media.

The series of posts leave no doubt that the second in command is a bitter man after failing to secure Uhuru’s endorsement despite claiming that he does not need endorsement from anyone to be President.

The President made it clear that he would leave Kenya in safe hands and will never hand over power to a thief, raising speculation as to who the thief in question could be.

Below are some of the reaction.

Isaac Wanyoike: UDA is just a kalenjin party , with its head quarters at Sugoi . Resign doktari kimwarer , build your UDA kioski . You’re living in denial , the billions you have stolen should not implicate you too much ego , to think 

you’re the best.

Ogada Justus: What do you mean by regional party mr Ruto….Issac Ruto,kalonzo,mudavadi and Raila,if they come together you still call it Regional…why do you like cheap and sympathetic politics..the fact UDA was formed by Muthama does not qualify it to become regional,every part or coalition must have it members who come from different tribes and regions…

Kiplimo Korir: The admins managing this page should tone it down……you are not doing WSR ‘s brand any favours by overreacting to Uhuru’s choice of candidate.

Wuod Leah: What makes you think Jubilee was a national party?

What makes NASA a tribal coalition? Your assessment? You seem to be ranting so much today.

Delande KE: You still doubting my early sentiment..Sugoi son trust me not you will never be president… continue lamenting of tribal chiefs but finally u will end up in your farm in Kamagut.

I thought you should understand this.

Thanks. Regards, Delande KE

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