Kenyans Roast DP Ruto After His Social Media Post Ranting in Response to News of Uhuru Supporting NASA Principal in 2022

DP Ruto

Kenyans today tackled DP Ruto after the second in command took to social media ranting in reaction to news that President Uhuru Kenyatta would back one of the NASA principals in 2022.

The message that has tribal epithets embedded did not go down so well with Kenyans who pointed out that the second in command is stooping too low to engage in such matters, writing sensational comments that paint his office negatively.

Others pointed out that for a man who has been caught on camera stating that he does not need any endorsement, his ranting was uncalled for unless he is bitter that Uhuru is keen on backing someone else other than him.

Some revisited Uhuru’s comments warning that he will never handover power to a thief wondering who the thief in question could be an d if the statement had any role in his change of mind.

Carol Karendi Alhajj : When i wake up early in the morning and remember ‘Uhuru will never handover power to a thief ‘I smile and wake up energized.

Risper Mrembo:Whoever runs this account needs a lesson on priorities. This is the official account for the H.E the Deputy President of Kenya. Know what to respond to, and what to ignore, and how to respond. Hapa umeanguka kapsaa.

DP Ruto

Boniface Kiplagat: This post is a total degradation of your calibre as a deputy President.One vote down

Joram Jee: A whole deputy president writing this! Unbelievable

Eunice Anyango Owino:”Eucho, Ngai fafa, mwathani!🙆

“cries out a man who said he doesn’t need an endorsement from anyone 😱🤔😅. Anyway, don’t worry, UK is a very shrewd politician. He knows there will be no one candidate under NASA because they are all Selfish and will likely not all come together. In other words, UK will not support anyone. Relax Mr DP and do your campaigns.

Frank Okoyo:This post degrades your Calibre as The Deputy President of Kenya sir. Not from you

Njeri Sylvia : You have been DP for 8years and part of the system for over 30 years, you have supported dynasties your entire life. Leta report form (wheelbarrows???) kwanza before you start talking about this magical formula you have discovered to fix Kenya. Greetings from Eldoret.

Michael Däve: The person managing this account on behalf of the DP is doing more harm than gain. Our DP is a learned leader and can never think less like this!!!

Chebo Nandi: Whoever is running this page should be fired.

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