Moses Kuria’s embarrassing remarks on Uhuru backfires

Moses Kuria

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria lit the social media sharing how his team in campus has seen it all in politics, leading a succesful revolution during the late President Moi era to re-introducing multi- partyism.

The firebrand legislator also delved into how him and his then SONU chairman Kabando wa Kabando are President Uhuru’s seniors in politics adding that they got all it takes to overcome his regime.

“Kabando wa Kabando served in the SONU government of 1992 as the Chairman. I was elected in the same ticket as Treasurer . It was the year Multi-Partyism was re-introduced. We gave Mzee Moi sleepless nights that year.

We led the student movement to be the conscience of the nation. By that time, Uhuru Kenyatta had not joined politics. Kabando and I, in that respect are Uhuru’s seniors in politics. I have watched Kabando on JKL tonight with a sense of both foreboding and Deja vu.

We are that generation, God willing that will stand up and protect our people from despotism and hubris of the entitled, wealthy and powerful. We overcame Moi. Hata huyu atamaliza na aende” Wrote Kuria.

His sentiments however attracted mixed reactions from friends and followers with many camping on his post as below.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta

Bob Bartai: “Kabando Wa Kabando served it hot on JKL…He was Bold and Candid…Spoke the truth and nothing but the truth…A realist and a true son of the soil…An astute analyst and a massive reservoir of political history..May God protect him and his ilk in this critical liberation mission.”

Okumu Yaite: “Well put Mhesh. But then, u’re working hard for Change to usher in the same system, the same ppl, the same despots; in different clothing.

Are u then really fighting for the interests of Wanjiku, or the interests of the same ppl u condemn? Are u really an Agent of Change, or a mere populist opportunist, taking advantage of desperate Wanjiku (read Youth)??? If a real Revolutionist has to take u seriously, then go it alone.

Mobilize the disgruntled, sick & tired Wanjiku for radical CHANGE, without excess-baggage political elites u work for. Otherwise, history wl judge u harshly, as a JOKER, Mhesh!”

Kiriinya Mwenda: “How later Uhuru became the president and made you Gatundu member of parliament is an interesting story all together. Being the senior, you should have gone for the top seat instead.

Unfortunately, the man who had gone in bed with Moi back in 1992, through YK-92 is the one you are supporting. Anyway, fake change elements can promise anything in the world of politics.”

Judy Kamau: “This is the new history am learning today that you were part of the team that fought Moi to reintroduce mult party😂😂😂

If my memory services me right, Uhuru introduced you to politics by ensuring you won Gatundu South post”
Pauline Njoroge: “The guy you are supporting now was on the side that you were fighting. He was enjoying Moi’s warmth plus trappings of power, and was doing everything possible to propagate Moi’s agenda through YK’92. By any chance do you have memory of that?”

Reagan Mtukufu Arap Moi- “Raila is the one who defeated moi together with Paul mwite orengo, kibaki, matiba, but I have never heard Moses kuria ousted moi!! Alaaa do you think we don’t know the history”

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