Raila Junior speaks after ORPP registered him under Mudavadi’s ANC party

Raila Odinga Jnr

Raila Odinga Junior has reacted to the shocking news in which Kenyans were registered to various political parties without their knowledge.

Kenyans on Twitter were treated to a rude shock after the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) allegedly registered citizens as members of different political parties with some popular names including Raila Odinga Junior and John Allan Namu.

As the debate raged on with many Kenyans condemning the act citing breach of privacy and data ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Junior has contributed to the ongoing conversation on Twitter after he revealed that ORPP had him registered as a member of the Amani National Congress(ANC) party.

A shocked Raila Junior left no doubt that the same had been done without his knowledge, sharing his shock on social media.

Aiy ! What’s happening here?,” he wrote.

His younger sister humorously reacted that she always knew that the Odinga family had a mole and now this had been confirmed. Raila Junior is among many Kenyans who say they have not registered to the political parties that the ORPP claims they have.

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