Arsenal Football Club To Plant Forest In Kenya

London based Arsenal Football Club (AFC) in partnership with a Non-Governmental Organisation is set to plant a forest in the Country.

Through a statement, on their website, seen by Kenya today, October 10, 2021, the English Premier League (EPL) club announced that they would plant 12,000 trees in the ‘Arsenal Forest’ in Bore, Kilifi County in the Kenyan coast.

Arsenal further added that the forest will cover 12.5 acres of land in the coastal town, which is equivalent to 21 Emirate stadiums in size.

“The publication has teamed up with CarbonLink, a not-for-profit reforestation organisation that specialises in helping communities in Kenya through consumption replacement tree-planting,” Arsenal stated. 

As per the statement, the program has already employed 60 Kenyan women to undertake activities in the project, with many more to come.

“The planting process will also greatly help the local community, with 60 of the local women employed to propagate the seedlings in a community,” read the statement. 

The Mickel Arteta led-club also stated that the project is aimed at protecting the environment through the eradication of carbon dioxide emitted into the air.

 “We have committed to planting these trees, using the budgetary saving made by changing the Premier League programmes,” read the statement in part.

 The Club’s players including defender, Pablo Mari, have pledged to support the project by donating trees to be planted during the undertaking.

“I love this idea in the  AFC programme and want to get involved. I’ll add 500 trees to The Arsenal Forest! Come on green Gunners,” Mari tweeted.

The revered 2003 English Premier League title winners expressed their optimism for the project, calling upon their supporters all over the world to participate in the noble task in making the world a better place.

“Fans can therefore own a tiny piece of Arsenal over in Kenya and help to expand the Arsenal Forest so greater swathes of the region carry the Gunners’ name as well as helping the environment,” read the statement.

From their website, 100 trees cost  Ksh 15,068 (£100).

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